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Account Management

Businesses often buy in expertise – but with your own dedicated CEC energy specialist you’ll discover a level of proactivity that borders on having your own in-house professional.

There’s no question of us arranging a new energy contract for you and then disappearing. Your business matters. As well as making sure things are running smoothly with your current contract, your personal energy specialist continually monitors the market, looking for ways your business can benefit. This highly personal service is the reason so many customers choose us.

We know the energy sector inside out. Whilst CEC has been in business for over 20 years, our senior management team and directors have, between them, amassed over 50 years’ insider knowledge from some of the top UK energy providers. That’s experience we pass on to every CEC energy specialist, giving them the level of insight that can really make a difference to the success of your business.

Contact us now to learn more about adding an energy specialist to your team.